March 9, 2014

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March 9, 2014

THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS A HOMOSEXUAL or,“Communism Makes For Unlikely Comrades”

(draft: not final)

Note: This opinion piece consists of an informed theory. However, I would not have invested the time and effort in composing it if I didn’t believe it had validity if not a high probability of being, in fact, true.

The often emotionally engaging 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia came to an incident-free close on February 23rd.

Back at the “11th hour” of their commencement, expectations for the Sochi Games, based on mortifying reports of conditions from athletes and reporters alike, were so low that the only remaining direction for the perception of the Games was up.

Under those circumstances, Russia, and perhaps more importantly, Russian Federation Communist apparatchik and Monocrat For Life, Vladimir Putin, may have scored a global PR victory almost by default.

But, more than that, the evidence suggests that Putin handled the gathering storm of international criticism with particular political astuteness – political astuteness so universally effective as to, largely, not only satisfy his domestic audience, but also to, largely, appease and deflate the din of criticism internationally

It is no blinding newsflash that there are hate-filled bigots in this world.

But bigotry is not a single, uniform term or condition.

Some persons opposed to homosexuality may not have a visceral hatred of homosexuals, but – unenergetically – just aren’t favorably disposed toward homosexuality. (I have to force the analogy that comprises the title of this piece to work by referring these people are “enemies” of homosexuals or homosexuality – but not really. Please just play along.)

This grouping includes persons who are also more than just “not favorably disposed” towards Communism, but who feel hatred toward Communism and view Russian totalitarian Vladimir Putin as nothing less than an abject enemy of every value they hold dear.

One conspicuous event near the commencement of the 2014 Olympic Games is Sochi, Russia was the collection of protests mostly against Vladimir Putin’s discriminatory laws affecting homosexuals and speech related to homosexuality. (Excuse me if I rush to a conclusion that speech condemning homosexuality is robustly safeguarded by Russian law.)

The afore described people, strongly opposed to Communism and “all things Putin,” must’ve taken notice when the international spotlight shone brightly on Putin’s treatment of and regard for homosexuals, it can safely be assumed.

Could it be that the collision of these two hot button political issues could produce masses of people converted in their opinions of homosexuality – which Putin condemns? Can a staunch anti-Communist with a hatred of “all-things-Putin” simultaneously support him in his anti-homosexuality stance? I think if they did, they could come down with a severe case of cognitive dissonance.

If homosexuals were regarded as enemies by these people, and Putin has treated homosexuals as his enemies, might these people find unlikely allies in homosexuals because both share a common enemy? Does the hackneyed cliché “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend” become à propos?

I think so, and that is the assertion of this piece.

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